Who is this trip for

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This trip is for those who wants a wild trek through the beautiful, but sometimes also very harsh nature of Greenland.

This trip is a relatively demanding trip because of it’s lenght -9 days, and because it is based on sleeping in tents, and carrying everything in our backpacks.

Therefore this trek is not an ideal “first time ever” trekking tour.

Some experience from before is advisable.

However, this is not a trip where you have to be an “expert extreme hiker” to join in !

The daily hiking distance is 10-12 kilometres, and we will have 1-2 rest/fishing days during the trek, so you will need to be comfortable carrying a backpack weighing 15-20 kilos for that distance over uneven and rocky terrain, for multiple days.

So this trek is not an comfortable lazy trek, neither is it an extreme outing where walking too long distances per day is the main goal.

This trek is something just in between of those two extremes. Having time for enjoying and taking in the great nature of Greenland, is highly valued.

If in doubt of whether this trek suits you, please do not hesitate to contact me.