This is a true wilderness hiking trip, where we will only sleep in tents. We will carry everything we need for the whole trip in our backpacks, so good “packing skills” is necessary.

Total distance will be around 65 kilometres, and we aim to hike around 10 kilometres pr. day. During the trip we will have 1-2 rest days depending on our progress and the well being of the group.

This hike will go though very untouched pristine nature, and we are likely to encounter animals as the Caribou and Musk-Ox.

Along the way we pass numerous lakes and small rivers, so bring your fishings rod if you feel like. And we may just catch a nice snack in the evening. However this is not primarily a fishing trip, this is primarly a hiking trip, where there is possibilities for fishing in the evening and on the stay-over days.

From Kangerlussuaq airport we will take a taxi eastwards to the ice sheet. From there we will start our hike northwards with spectacular views of the Greenland ice cap.

After hiking northwards for a day, we will turn to the west and hike for 4 days through the untouched wilderness and end at the Unesco world heritage site of Aassivisuit. Here we will have stay-over day, with possibilities of fishing, small hiking excursions or just relaxing and drink some coffee!

From Aassivisuit we will use the last 2 days for returning to Kangerlussuaq Airport!

In the evening of return we will hopefully finish with a party.