Summary           Who is this trip for          Location               What’s included/not included

Day 1


The guide will meet you at the Kangerlussuaq airport and gather the group. We will then together be eating lunch in the excellent airport cafetaria (not included). We will then spend some hours packing our backpacks and distribute all the common equipment and food. The guide makes sure that everybody has what they need. After everything is properly checked and sorted, we will grab a taxi and drive close to the Greenland ice cap. Here we will put up out tents in spectacular settings. The rest of the day and evening will be spent getting to know each other, making dinner and talk about good trekking/wildcamping routines. Little or none hiking is to be expected this day.

Day 2


A spectacular day awaits us! After breakfast we will start hiking northwards through hilly terrain. Passing around and over the hills, we will have incredible views of the Greenland icecap. This is the day to do some photo sessions. The evening will be spent going through more good camp routines, and for those who wishes, navigation lessons and emergency procedures. Others can try their luck with their fishing rod.

Day 3

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On this day we will start leaving the ice cap, and turn our course westwards. We will walk through pristine rocky/hilly terrain with green, yellow and brown colours. After the camp has been put up, the eager ones can try their luck with catching a fishy snack!

Day 4


On this day we will be hiking in long valleys and pass by many small lakes and rivers. We are really getting into the wilderness at this point, and hopefully everyone will find the contrast of greenlandic silence enjoyable, compared to all the hectic sounds of everyday life.

Day 5


We will continue making our way westwards towards Aassivisuit. On this day will hiking along a long lake, and musk-oxes are likely to be encountered. For those should wish it, these days represents a great opportunity for learning more about wilderness navigation and group management. Should anybody be interested to try out how it is to navigate through the wilds of Greenland, there are chances for temporarily leading the group (under the guide’s surveillance).

Day 6


On this day we will start our descend down through a long valley towards Aassivisuit. The landscape starts to slightly change, and become more vegetated. Grouses and the arctic snow-rabbit are likely to be encountered here. In the afternoon we will arrive at the UNESCO world heritage site of Aassivisuit!

Day 7


Rest day at the beautiful site of Aassivisuit! We will leave the camp where it stand, and spend a little extra long time enjoying our morning coffee. We will do a smaller day excursion together to have a look at the ancient ruins and other cultural heritage. Afterwards the small river and lake offer great fishing opportunities, and for those who just have too much energy, the area offers some nice possibilities for smaller hiking excursions. Otherwise it is recommended to just sit a little in camp and take in the immense beauty of the area, and the sound of silence.

Day 8


Time for leaving Aassivisuit, and start heading more southwards back towards Kangerlussuaq Airport. We will start by following the lake of Aassivisuit, and afterwards work our way through the hilly terrain.

Day 9


Last day on our trek! But is important to keep focus and stay concentrated! This day will take us through some rather hilly terrain, and some “up’s and down’s” must be expected. After some effort, and possibly slightly soring thies and legs, the airport town of Kangerlussuaq will become visible once again! We will head to the Kangerlussuaq hostel where you will be accomodated for one night. Surely that shower will feel good! After showering and unpacking, we will meet for a dinner in the local restraurant, and afterwards party in local bar for those wishes. Thanks for the adventure!