Greenland Wilderness Trekking

Greenland contains huge areas virtually untouched by humans. The scenery is often immensely stunning and breathtaking, but make no mistake, the Greenland wilderness can be just as brutal and harsh as it is beautiful.

Therefore, doing a longer trekking expedition in Greenland should not be taken lightly or underestimated.

For the summer of 2019, I am offering a 9 day long trekking tour in the inland region of Kangerlussuaq. Check out the link below:


The trek begins at the Greenland Ice cap, and continues through pristine untouched nature, where it is likely to encounter wildlife such as Reindeer, Musk-Ox, Polar Fox and arctic Hare.

After walking along the Greenland Ice cap for a day, our path turns westwards through the land of the Reindeers and Musk-ox!

In this area we will see quite a bit of strange tracks and paths, going in patterns that seem quite odd to the human eye. In some places these strange paths climb directly up very steep slopes in a direct line.

These paths are surely not trodden by humans, but by Reindeers that have been roaming in here for thousands of years!

Sermersuaq dag2-2251.jpg

After 5 days of trekking, we will arrive at the UNESCO heritage site of Aasivissuit!

This was an ancient summer hunting camp for the Inuits. In here, they spent their summers hunting Reindeers, and at Aasivissuit is to be found the largest communal Reindeer hunting system known from Greenland.

Here at Aasivissuit, we will stay for at least a day, and do smaller hiking excursions to see the old Inuit cultural heritage, that is both a testimony to the Inuit will to survive in an unforgiving landscape. But also tells the story of a people playing and having fun in the middle of the Greenland wilderness.

Check out the details of the tour below:

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