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Experience the new “Unesco World Heritage Landscape of Aasivissuit- Nipisat” with Thule Expeditions

In 2018, Greenland received a new Unesco World Heritage landscape called “Aasivissuit- Nipisat: Inuit Hunting Ground between Ice and Sea”.

As an Arctic Nature Guide I am very excited to be offering a wild 9 day trekking expedition for the summer of 2019, where we will be trekking the majority of time within the Unesco World Heritage landscape of Aasivissuit-Nipisat.

The new Unesco heritage landscape stretches from the Davis sea to the Greenland ice cap.

The area provides the most complete and best-preserved testimony of arctic hunting traditions from 2500 BC onwards, providing evidence of sustainable land use, based on seasonal migrations between coast and interior. Colonial ruins on the coast reflect the arrival of Europeans in the 18th century and their interaction with Inuit.

Winter settlements focusing  on the hunting of seals are situated on the outer coast, spring settlements with fishing for chaplin and char are situated in the fjords, and summer camps where migrating caribou could be intercepted in extensive drive systems in the interior.

Today, hunters with families continue their seasonal travels, staying and hunting in the same places as their predecessors and thereby forging a link between past and present.

Billedresultat for unesco world heritage site aasivissuit nipisat                     Lake of Aasivissuit Tasiat

The hunting culture evident in Aasivissuit-Nipisat is demonstrated by seven key sites with well-preserved ruins. The seven archaeological sites are representative of the principal chronological periods in the prehistory and history of Greenland, and the contemporary settlement of Sarfannguit links present hunting practices with the past.

                                                              Thule Culture ruins

As an Arctic Nature Guide and Archaeologist I am thrilled to be offering a wild 9 day trekking expedition for summer 2019, where we will be visiting the great summer hunting camp of Aasivissuit, which in addition to dwelling structures hosts the largest communal hunting system known from Greenland.

Aasivissuit is one of the seven key sites within the Unesco landscape. Check out the details for the trekking expedition below.


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